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Immigration news

Updated SMS Requirements: Implications for Sponsor Licence Holders

23:38 20/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The Home Office has recently implemented important changes to the Sponsorship Management System (SMS) updating requirements for employers with a sponsor licence . These changes have...

US Employment Based Immigration: With or Without Job Offer

18:41 17/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Gaining a US green card through employment-based immigration is something that many people aspire to. In many cases it is actually better to obtain a temporary work visa such as a L1...

Health and Care Visa Reforms Boost Adult Social Care Workforce

22:11 14/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The NHS has been grappling with substantial staffing shortages in the adult care sector. In a bid to counteract this issue, the UK government introduced further amendments to the...

Biden Trump Border Wall: Hypocrisy, Debate, Renewed Construction

20:36 13/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Biden has been criticised for hypocrisy over the border wall. The Biden administration has resumed the construction of the controversial border wall, a project that had been a...

Refugee and Humanitarian Crisis Due to Israel-Hamas War

22:33 11/10/2023
Sanwar Ali : Please note that this news report and the image generated have been generated by AI (artificial intelligence) systems. The report is largely unedited by me. The report is based largely...

How to Prepare for a Sponsor Licence Audit in 2023

22:21 09/10/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Due to ongoing skills shortages in may areas, especially since Brexit, it is often necessary to sponsor overseas worker. However, hiring non-UK employees involves more than just...