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Immigration news

Gap Year Employment in UK

14:54 22/04/2004
The Home Office has announced a scheme under which non-EU/EEA nationals can come to the UK to take up work in schools during their gap year (the year between finishing secondary school and commencing...

New US application and petition fees announced

12:17 16/04/2004
From 30 April 2004, the fees for the visa category applications below willincrease, as listed below: Form Description Fee I-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card $185 I-102 Application...

UK - Workers Registration Scheme for new EU members

12:58 14/04/2004
The Home Office has recently announced Workers Registration Scheme that set out transitional measures that will apply to nationals from the new EU member states. These will allow nationals of eight...

UK - South African and other citizens can make online visa applications

12:28 14/04/2004
South African nationals wishing to apply for a Working Holiday Maker Visa, Student or Work Visa for the UK will now be able to do so online via the Internet. Those living in South Africa can use the...

UK - Update on Visa Services for Bulgarians and Romanians

19:37 08/04/2004
As we reportedlast week , all visa services in Bulgaria and Romania were temporarily suspended on 30 March, following allegations of improper handling of applications from those seeking to enter the...

New Skilled Visas for Regional Australia

9:21 07/04/2004
Media release from the Australian government, 23 March 2004. The Australian Government recently announced that it will introduce a new visa for skilled migrants who are prepared to live and work in...