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Alan Johnson

Official Windrush report shames racist UK visa at Home Office

23:35 23/03/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: There are numerous examples of discrimination in British society unfortunately. As well as the Windrush scandal, a UK visa regulator sponsored by the Home Office is currently...

UK Prime Minister speech on immigration measures

15:52 06/04/2010
The UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said recently that the UK immigration system is now based on a "controlled and fair" points-based system . Home Secretary Alan Johnson was also present during...

New UK Tier 4 Student Visa Rules in detail

16:28 19/02/2010
UK immigration recently announced full details of the UK student visa changes under Tier 4 of the points based system . The intention of the changes is to make it more difficult for bogus students...

UK Student visa ban partially lifted in India, Bangladesh and Nepal

11:36 17/02/2010
Students from North India, Bangladesh and Nepal wishing to study in a higher education course will from 1 March 2010 again be able to apply for an UK student visa. This will help thousands of...

New Tougher UK Student Visa Requirements

10:32 10/02/2010
Home Secretary Alan Johnson has announced changes to student visas that will mean that students will need to have better English; Also, those on shorter courses will only be allowed to work a smaller...

UK Visa processing times may improve in Pakistan

10:44 11/10/2009
On 8 October 2009 the Home Office made an announcement following the UK Home Secretary's visit to Pakistan: During the visit the Home Secretary Alan Johnson advised the Pakistan Government that UKBA...