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Australian Bureau

More Immigration visas will lead to increase in Australian NSW population

13:56 26/06/2011
Population levels in New South Wales (NSW) are dropping dramatically; Net migration has gone down fifty percent in the last two years, caused in part by the Australian government making it more...

Australian immigration needed to deal with future skills shortages

14:22 19/11/2009
A new report suggests that there could be a skills shortfall in Australia equivalent to 1.4 million workers by 2025. The report recommends increasing levels of immigration and raising the retirement...

Australian Immigration contributes to Population growing to over twenty-two million

11:49 03/10/2009
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics population clock the population of Australia is now over twenty-two million. One of the major factors contributing to population growth is the...

Immigrant population changes in Australia

18:31 29/01/2009
An increasing number of Asians particularly from India and China are emigrating to Australia . The Australian Bureau of Statistics report "Portrait of a Nation" said that almost one-fifth of the new...