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Australian Computer Society

Australia needs Software Programmers and other IT professionals

16:13 23/11/2011
Foreign Software Programmers and other IT professionals looking to emigrate to Australia can apply under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. Applicants will need to meet the basic...

Australia adds computing to its occupation in demand list

13:42 25/01/2006
Australia recently updated its Migration Occupation in Demand List (MODL). The MODL is a list of occupations and specialisations that are facing an ongoing national shortage. The latest MODL review...

US E-3 visa to benefit Australian IT professionals

10:37 01/06/2005
Australian IT workers will be the main beneficiaries of the US' new E-3 business sponsored work vi sa that specifically targets Australian workers. The new US E-3 visa was signed into law by...

Suspension of Priority Processing for IT Professionals in Australia

15:47 16/07/2002
The Immigration Minister of Australia, Philip Ruddock, recently announced that priority visa processing arrangements for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workers would be suspended...