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Australian Industry Group

Australian industry lobbies for increase in immigration

10:52 27/01/2014
The Australian Industry Group, (Ai Group) a pressure group that lobbies on behalf of Australian industry, has called on the country's Coalition government to raise the number of immigrants admitted...

Australian immigration minister admits 457 visa 'rorting' claim was a 'forecast'

16:13 09/05/2013
Brendan O'Connor, the Australian immigration minister has been forced to admit that he had no evidence to support his claim, made on Australian TV last week, that about 10% of subclass 457 temporary...

Australian government criticised for misleading immigration figures

13:29 10/04/2013
The Australian immigration minister has released figures which show that there were 12% more Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457) visas granted in February 2013 than in the same month in 2012. Mr...

More opportunities for immigrants in Australia as economy improves

9:16 15/09/2009
The number of job vacancies in Australia has recently gone up. This is the first increase in sixteen months. Also, the Sensis Consumer Report on consumer confidence is at 39 percent which is the...

No change expected to Australia's record high migrant intake

19:26 17/12/2008
Despite the global financial crisis, Australia 's Immigration Minister Chris Evans has indicated that he expects only modest cuts in next years migrant intake program which is currently at an all...

More skilled immigration proposed for Australia

16:12 27/03/2006
Australian immigration could be accepting up to 180,000 migrants within two years. This would be the highest intake since the late 1960's. Big business in Australia is putting pressure on the...