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Migrant Larry Hillblom "H" in DHL founder serial paedophile

14:13 05/05/2016
Larry Hillblom the business genius behind DHL and one of the three DHL founders was a notorious serial paedophile. In the Eighties he decided to leave the US to avoid tax and to have underage sex...

Integrating Ireland's immigrants

11:17 13/08/2007
• Media Center » Irish ImmigrationUpdate The government of Ireland will set up a taskforce in an attempt to overcome the challenge of integrating the nation's immigrants, according to Minister for...

Latvian & Estonian "non-citizens:" visa-free travel for most of EU-27

17:27 02/01/2007
As of 19 January, "non-citizens" of Latvia and Estonia will be able to travel without visas to Norway, Iceland and European Union Member Sates , excepting Great Britain and Ireland . The new...