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Bill Frist

US Senate reviews immigration reform

9:29 03/05/2006
The US Senate will try again within weeks to break the deadlock on immigration reform, the leader of Senate business says. Bill Frist was speaking after huge demonstrations on May 1 illustrated...

Why the immigration bill did not pass the US Senate

18:55 11/04/2006
Less than 24 hours after the leaders of the Senate's Democratic and Republican parties announced a marriage of convenience on immigration reform, Minority Leader Harry Reid went against his party...

US needs more time for immigration reform

11:28 16/03/2006
US senators crafting a comprehensive immigration reform bill complained on March 15 that a deadline set by Majority Leader Bill Frist could hurt the chances for a guest worker program. Republicans...

US state governors want immigration changes

10:13 27/02/2006
A growing number of US governors are complaining about illegal immigrants pouring into their states, pushing the Bush administration and Congress for action. Republicans and Democrats alike on Sunday...

US Senate passes Homeland Security Bill

17:10 11/10/2005
The US Congress has approved hiring 1,000 new Border Patrol Agents in the fiscal year 2005-2006. The US Homeland Security spending Bill also included money for 250 more Immigration and Customs...