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Brian Bell

Scrap UK immigration fees for foreign care staff, MAC urges

11:01 03/05/2022
The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which advises the UK government on immigration matters, has urged Westminster to scrap UK immigration fees for foreign care workers. A MAC report assessing the...

Builders blocked from Tier 2 visa shortage occupation list

23:57 25/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : It is an overly simplistic suggestion that reducing immigration will make things better for UK workers. Tough immigration controls restricting entry of badly needed workers...

UK Tier 2 ICT visa review commissioned by Home Office

21:54 08/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : The new version of the Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visa category from 1 January 2021 will include one change, that will be very much welcomed by overseas workers. You will...

UK Government immigration advisors: Pay care workers more

22:32 30/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : How many British people or residents actually wish to become care workers ? It is difficult enough to find people willing to work in highly paid manual occupations such as in...

UK visa advisor MAC calls for evidence on skills shortages

0:02 04/06/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : If the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) review leads to a new system that is more likely to be able to deal with skills shortages after free movement ends then this will be...

Crime levels fall in immigration hotspots

12:32 15/05/2013
A study carried out by researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE) shows that immigrants in the UK do not seem to commit more crimes than the native population. Some UK newspapers have...