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British Airways IT Staff claim Airline Tier 2 Visa Abuse

20:58 28/09/2016
As reported by on 18 March, 2016, British Airways (BA) IT staff accused the airline of abusing Tier 2 visa rules during a 45 minute protest opposing plans to outsource and offshore IT...

UK committee claims IRIS money would be better spent on immigration staff

13:24 11/04/2012
The UK Home Affairs Select Committee has criticized the money UK Border Agency's (UKBA) has spent on the IRIS biometric scanning system saying it would have been better used to pay for more...

Airlines warn of possible delays at UK immigration Border

9:52 05/04/2012
UK airlines are warning of potential delays at airports during Easter and during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations due to tougher immigration checks at border control. The British Air...