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UK immigration hotline called 151 times by MPs

11:03 04/02/2021
An investigation conducted by VICE World News has revealed that British MPs have used a UK immigration hotline to report violations 151 times during the coronavirus pandemic. The investigation has...

UK Immigration System blamed for alcohol abuse among refugees

19:08 16/11/2020
A new study claims that the UK visa and immigration is to blame for rising alcohol abuse among refugees. According to the study, poverty, social isolation and boredom among UK refugees and asylum...

UK Tier 2 visa easier after Home Secretary Sajid Javid review

19:01 16/08/2018
Since 6 July 2018 it is much easier for many tier 2 visa migrants (not just doctors and nurses) applying for entry clearance to the UK, and their employers with a tier 2 sponsor licence to meet the...