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Bruce Morrison

Melania Trump US EB1 immigrant Green Card visa controversy and Donald Trump

18:14 13/03/2018
Melania Trump is embroiled in controversy after it emerged that she was granted a green card in the elite EB-1 employment based immigrant program – reserved for renowned academics, multinational...

Charlotte, North Carolina, needs H-1B visas to fill tech jobs

14:52 17/06/2016
Companies in Charlotte, the second largest city and a commercial hub in the state of North Carolina, wants more foreign workers on H-1B visas to fill jobs in the information technology sector. The H-...

US immigration reform bill could endanger J-1 visa program

18:36 20/06/2013
There are fears that the immigration reform bill currently being considered by the US Congress could damage the US's J-1 visa which promotes cultural exchange working by allowing young people from...

US Congress to vote on STEM jobs act

17:14 30/11/2012
President Obama has been re-elected and will be inaugurated as president again in January. But, in the last days of the President's first term as president, there is some hope that legislation will...

Ireland urged to set up permanent immigration system

9:36 01/07/2005
The man behind the US Greencard system is advising the Irish government to introduce the opportunity of permanent residence for immigrants. Bruce Morrison, a former US Congressman, says immigrants...