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Canada Border Services Agency

Canadian government crack down on immigration fraud

12:28 20/11/2014
The Canada Border Services Agency has pledged that it will continue to crack down on immigration fraud, following concerns that migrants are being ripped-off by unscrupulous consultants. There have...

Canada and US make it easier to apply for NEXUS program

13:52 13/07/2012
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that Canada and the US have removed the three-year residency requirement for Canadian and US citizens to apply for the NEXUS program. The NEXUS...

Canada to pay failed refugee claimants to leave the country

13:23 09/07/2012
The Canadian government has announced they will pay some failed refugee claimants up to CAD$2,000 to leave the country and will also pay for a one-way plane ticket. The new pilot project, run by the...

Canada postpones installation of recording devices in airports and border crossings

11:20 21/06/2012
The Canadian government has decided to postpone their plans to install new cameras and audio recording devices at border crossings and airports. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews announced that he had...

Canada and US announces changes to NEXUS program

9:42 09/05/2012
The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced 8 May changes to the NEXUS membership process in order to increase NEXUS membership. The NEXUS... Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 3

16:32 21/01/2004
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