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Cecilia Malmstrom

EU unveils new immigration strategy

14:35 23/11/2011
The European Union unveiled a new immigration strategy last week that outlines plans to attract more foreign workers in the coming years to deal with skills shortages and make it easier for...

EU Commissioner calls for better integration of immigrants into society

9:42 16/08/2011
European Union Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom is heading a European Agenda for Integration. The EU feels that there is a need for better integration of Europe's immigrants. "The benefits of migration...

EU Commissioner says immigration is beneficial to EU

13:17 15/07/2011
European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom says that immigration and visa free travel are beneficial to the EU. Her comments come after Denmark brought in tougher border controls in...

EU Blue Card for skilled immigrants to be introduced soon

10:26 26/01/2011
The EU Commission is pushing forward with a directive to implement a skilled immigration "blue card" which would allow migrants from non-EU countries to live and work in the European Union on a...

EU to scrap visit visa requirements for Bosnia, Albania nationals

11:40 10/11/2010
The European Union has said that you will soon no longer need a visit visa to visit the EU if you are a national of Bosnia or Albania. It is hoped that this will encourage democratic reforms in the...

Sweden wants EU to help with Iraq refugees

9:29 21/02/2007
• Watch This Video Sweden , known for liberal asylum policies, has seen a surge of refugees from war-torn Iraq in the last year. They are urging the European Union to help shoulder the burden by...