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Charles Clarke

UK Home Secretary outlines immigration plans

10:51 24/11/2006
• Watch This Video The Queen's Speech includes a new Border and Immigration Bill. What will it contain? When John Reid took over as the UK Home Secretary in May the first item in his in-tray was...

European Union announces two new members

16:16 03/04/2006
A leak from high ranking European Union sources to the German newspaper Die Welt has forced Brussels to announce the inclusion of two more countries to join the EU. The two countries named by the...

Points based system not to affect UK IT immigration

12:15 27/03/2006
Overseas IT specialists migrating to the UK will most likely to be awarded the highest status in the UK Home Office's points-based immigration system. The points ranking system for immigrants wishing...

EU considers immigration agreement

19:36 24/03/2006
Ministers from six European Union members met in Heiligendamm a town in north-east Germany to discuss the possible introduction of an "integration contract" for immigrants to the EU. In the contract...

UK's Blair reassures Indian students about points system

15:24 08/03/2006
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke to Indian studens via a video conference link, assuring them that the new points-based immigration system would make it "easier and fairer" for them to work and...

UK to help Malta fight illegal immigration

12:20 25/10/2005
Maltese Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi and British Home Secretary Charles Clarke on Monday agreed on the need for closer cooperation between Malta and Britain and to tackle the issue of illegal...