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UK's 2022 Record Migration: Impact on Skilled Worker Visas

23:31 23/11/2023
By Sanwar Ali : UK's 2022 Record Migration: Impact on Skilled Worker Visas In 2022, the United Kingdom recorded an unprecedented surge in net migration, reaching a historic peak of 745,000. This...

Controversy: China and Caribbean Citizenship Investment Schemes

18:37 12/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Introduction The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs have emerged as a significant source of revenue for several nations in the region, offering a gateway to economic...

US Visa Services Status: Sept 2023 Update

21:16 07/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Up-to-date information on U.S. embassy and consulate wait times can be of great importance. Whether you need to apply for a visit visa for the United States or applying for...

Businesses and Migrants Criticise UK Visa Fee Increase

22:14 06/08/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The UK government's decision to raise visa fees has triggered a wave of criticism from various quarters, including businesses and migrants. These increases are seen as a significant...

Second H-1B Visa Lottery due to Fraudulent Applications

21:55 03/08/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The H-1B visa is an essential part of the American immigration system, enabling US employers to employ foreign professionals to work in specialized occupations within the United...

Canadian 'Open Work Permit' Quota filled within 48 Hours

18:51 22/07/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Canada recently rolled out a new program from 16 July 2023 to invite 10,000 H-1B visa holders from the United States to work and live in the country via an open work permit to work...