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Chris Evans

Australian Parliament passes new laws to protect overseas workers

10:09 08/12/2008
Australia 's Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, has welcomed the introduction of new laws designed to give better protection for temporary overseas workers in Australia ...

Australia and Canada work together on business visas

10:18 26/11/2008
Australia's immigration minister, Chris Evans, welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's announcement at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders Week in Lima, Peru that Canada...

Australia to revise citizenship test

17:31 24/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Australia will overhaul its citizenship test after a government-appointed committee found that the existing test needed improvement. According to Immigration...

Australia's temporary skilled migrants should be paid 'market rates'

15:53 13/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News A federal government-sponsored review has called for a major overhaul of the controversial 457 visa scheme in Australia . A significant recommendation is that...

Uncertainty felt by would-be migrants to Australia

10:00 11/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The lives of thousands of foreign students and skilled workers in Australia are still in a state of limbo following last year's government retraction from a...

Australian apprentices benefit from skilled migrants

9:40 31/10/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News An Australian recruitment firm will fund a new scholarship program for Australia's largest publicly funded provider of vocational education, Swan TAFE. In...