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Christian Dustmann

Check UK visa of academic visitors or lose tier 2 sponsor licence

12:32 31/05/2018
An email sent earlier this year to staff at the University of York has sparked concerns that academics are being put in a position of makeshift UK border guards. The email urges personnel at the...

Immigrants to UK have contributed £25bn since 2000

16:21 12/11/2013
Analysis of government data by academics at University College London has shown that immigrants who came to the UK between 2000 and 2011 contributed £25bn to the UK economy. The research also showed...

Migrants promote economic growth in Europe, study concludes

10:33 13/05/2005
An increase in immigration leads to economic growth in Europe -- not to job losses, as popularly feared -- according to a report published 13 May. The study into the effect of immigration on wages...