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Christian Science Monitor

US looks abroad for nurses, especially to Philippines

14:41 06/03/2006
The Christian Science Monitor this week reports on the serious nursing deficit in the United States . The joke circulating among doctors in the Philippines goes something like this: What's the new...

US banks help immigrants send money home

15:53 30/01/2006
Every month, José Valencia sends between $300 and $400 to his sisters and other relatives in Ecuador from the Delgado Travel office in Queens, N.Y. Diana Ransom of the Christian Science Monitor...

Global, US hospitality industry need workers

19:00 05/01/2006
A shrinking labor force is the number one challenge facing the global hospitality industry, according to the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, which recently convened to brainstorm...

Some Mexicans choosing Canada over the US

13:03 31/10/2005
The Christian Science Monitor reports that a small but growing number of Mexicans are choosing to immigrate to Canada , which is putting out the welcome mat. According to the paper, the number of...