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Trump tried to stop Syrian Refugee entry on US visas but Argentina opens doors

21:31 16/05/2017
President Donald Trump, via his US visas travel bans for certain mainly muslim Countries, tried and to a great extent failed to prevent the entry of refugees from the war torn nation of Syria. Like...

Migrants may consider Western Canada after economic boom

10:39 12/11/2014
The greatest increases in economic growth can be seen in the Western part of Canada according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada. This economic growth in Western Canada is largely due to a...

UK immigration minister resigns after employing illegal immigrant

11:19 13/02/2014
The UK's immigration minister, Mark Harper MP, has resigned after revealing that, for seven years, he had been employing an immigrant with no right to work in the UK. Mr Harper said that he had done...

Canadian immigration 'discriminating against PhD students'

19:32 24/01/2014
PhD graduates of the University of Toronto have complained that they have been wrongly rejected after applying for permanent residence visas under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Two students...

US extends B-1 and B-2 visa validity for Colombians to 10 years

12:01 18/04/2012
The US State Department announced on 15 April that they are increasing the validity of B-1 and B-2 visit visas for Colombians traveling on a temporary basis to the US from five years to ten years...

Visas available for youth wishing to work and travel to Canada

16:28 27/03/2012
The Canadian High Commission has just released 5,350 working visa places for young people wishing to spend a year in the country under the International Experience Canada (IEC) programme. "There is a...