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Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Australia to maintain immigration at 190,000 in 2013/14

10:24 17/05/2013
Australian immigration minister Brendan O'Connor has announced that Australia will keep its immigration target for 2013/14 at 190,000; the same number as for the previous year. Of these 128,500...

Australian immigration minister admits 457 visa 'rorting' claim was a 'forecast'

16:13 09/05/2013
Brendan O'Connor, the Australian immigration minister has been forced to admit that he had no evidence to support his claim, made on Australian TV last week, that about 10% of subclass 457 temporary...

Australian immigration cuts number of visitor and business visa types

15:34 02/04/2013
As of 23rd March, the Australian government has reduced the number of visitor visa subclasses from nine to five. Australian immigration minister Brendan O'Connor said it would simplify the system and...

Nauru asylum seekers end hunger strikes against Australian government

12:31 16/11/2012
The Age newspaper reports that most of the hunger strikers on Nauru have ended their protests. Some reports last week suggested that 300 of the 350 inmates then being held in the offshore processing...

Priority processing available for Australian skilled migration visas

19:14 11/07/2012
Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, has announced from 1 July 2012, new priority processing arrangements will be in place for certain skilled migration visas. The...

Australian immigration to host skilled migration seminars

15:45 18/06/2012
Australian Immigration officers will be visiting several cities around the country in the next few weeks to discuss the upcoming changes to the skilled migration program and implementation of...