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New Zealand needs chefs and other skilled workers - Interested applicants apply now!

15:57 24/01/2012
Christchurch in Canterbury, New Zealand is facing a severe shortage of chefs, prompting Hospitality New Zealand, which represents over 2,400 hospitality businesses in New Zealand to push the...

New Zealand needs skilled workers to rebuild city

9:51 21/11/2011
Tens of thousands of skilled workers are needed in New Zealand to work on reconstruction projects in Christchurch following the earthquake that hit the city earlier this year. The Canterbury...

Earthquake causes people to immigrate out of New Zealand

19:29 23/08/2011
For five months in a row more migrants left New Zealand than arrived; The devastating earthquake of 22 February 2011 prompted people to move to Australia and elsewhere. Permanent migration departures...

New Zealand immigration decline

12:01 03/06/2011
New Zealand , whose economy depends heavily on skilled immigrants, is experiencing a slump in newcomers following the recent earthquake and the global financial crisis of a few years ago, according...

Australia to provide help to visa holders affected by cyclone

10:22 08/02/2011
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will be visiting regions of Far North Queensland that are expected to be affected by Cyclone Yasi as part of a regional outreach program...

Australia helps Queensland reconstruction through immigration

18:24 31/01/2011
The Australian government will make it easier for employers to bring in temporary overseas workers to help with the reconstruction efforts in Queensland. Queensland was devastated by flooding in...