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Douglas Carswell

UK immigration: Sham marriages on the increase

11:56 30/10/2014
UK immigration officers busted a 'sham' marriage ceremony last week, after receiving a tip-off that the bride and groom were not a genuine couple. Five people were arrested in total, including the...

UK Politician Criticised for Immigration Comments

13:26 28/10/2014
A UK politician was criticised last week for commenting that people with HIV should be banned from migrating to the UK. Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) praised some aspects...

Cameron to get tough on UK immigration following UKIP victory

17:56 27/10/2014
UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Leader of the Conservative Party says he wants to to restrict immigration from the EU. However, there is uncertainty on how this could be done. Free movement of...