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EU Commission

Trump’s US visa policy on B1 and B2 Visit Visas will not spark EU retaliation

21:26 14/06/2017
On Tuesday May 2, the European Commission released a statement saying that US tourists won’t require visas to travel to Europe. The announcement comes despite opposition from the European Parliament...

EU and Trump US visa war intensifies with both Americans and Europeans possibly losing visa-free travel rights

17:46 22/04/2017
Americans may lose visa-free travel to Europe as the European Parliament responded to Washington’s refusal to allow EU citizens from some of the newer EU Countries visa-free travel access to the...

Slovakia will only accept Christian immigrants

9:54 10/09/2015
Slovakia will only grant asylum to Christian immigrants from Syria. As part of a European Union plan to relocate 40,000 immigrants, the country will take in 200 people from refugee camps in Greece,...

EU Commissioner calls for better integration of immigrants into society

9:42 16/08/2011
European Union Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom is heading a European Agenda for Integration. The EU feels that there is a need for better integration of Europe's immigrants. "The benefits of migration...

Bulgaria to benefit from EU Blue Card

11:27 08/02/2011
Starting on 1 June 2011, highly skilled workers from outside the European Union can apply to work in Bulgaria under the EU Blue Card scheme. The blue card would allow a skilled worker with a job...

EU Blue Card for skilled immigrants to be introduced soon

10:26 26/01/2011
The EU Commission is pushing forward with a directive to implement a skilled immigration "blue card" which would allow migrants from non-EU countries to live and work in the European Union on a...