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Brexit: Today last day of transition period and UK immigration

21:08 31/12/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : Today at 11 pm UK time the Brexit transitional period ends . Newly arriving EU citizen migrants to the UK from tomorrow will come under the expensive and bureaucratic UK visa...

Automatic UK visa extensions no longer apply to NHS staff

22:25 02/10/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : An obvious problem is that once you have given something away people become used to it. The generous gesture of free UK visa extensions is something that migrants now expect...

Apply for UK Tier 2 visa Sponsor Licence ahead of 2021!

22:07 16/09/2020
Comments by Sanwar Ali : More UK employers need to apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence . Free movement for EU citizens is scheduled to end after 2020. From 1 January 2021 to employ newly arriving EU,...

No UK visa needed for EU business executives post-Brexit

20:44 20/09/2018
The British government had previously announced that business people from EU nations can enter the country, UK visa free, for meetings and limited paid work. However, Westminster maintains that EU...