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German government

Hungary Suspends Acceptance of Asylum Seekers

16:43 07/07/2015
Hungary is taking steps to make it difficult for asylum seekers to claim asylum in their Country. So far this year nearly 72,000 asylum seekers have reached Hungary via the border with Serbia. Most...

Report reveals Germany needs to make immigration easier for skilled workers

12:35 08/12/2011
Germany needs to change their immigration laws in order to attract more skilled workers and professionals from other countries to help deal with their ongoing skills shortages, an expert committee's...

Germany allows immigration from EU A8 countries

18:41 04/05/2011
In keeping with European Union law, Germany has opened its borders to eight central and eastern European countries (the A8 Countries) that joined the 27-member bloc in 2004. The maximum period that...

German education organization calls for more foreign students

16:55 22/11/2010
Germany should step up its efforts to encourage more foreign students to study in Germany to help the Country to deal with rising skills shortages, says the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)...

Germany may make immigrant skills recognition easier

13:14 19/10/2010
The German government hopes to make it easier for foreign-born workers' to have their overseas qualifications recognised in >a href="/germany/employer.htm">Germany. This would also benefit...

Germany approves plan to make skilled immigration easier

10:10 22/07/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Germany is expected to ease rules to allow in foreign labor to help make the country more attractive to highly skilled individuals. Germany's cabinet approved...