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German Parliament

German parliament passes new immigration legislation

10:08 18/06/2007
• Watch This Video The German parliament has passed some reforms to the country's immigration laws, implementing 11 European Union guidelines affecting rules related to spousal immigration,...

Visa regulations tightened in Germany

17:06 30/10/2006
• Watch This Video In coming weeks, Germany 's coalition government will draft a bill to tighten entry regulations for foreign students and implement EU directives on asylum and residency rights. The...

Turkish politician discusses German immigration challenges

11:56 24/11/2005
In an exclusive guest editorial for Expatica , MEP Cem Oezdemir, who was the first German of Turkish descent elected to the Bundestag, looks at the challenges Germany's new government will face...

German immigration law

10:02 11/04/2002
German Immigration Law, which has been widelydiscussed in the German media for several months, was approved by the Bundesrat(the Upper House of the German parliament) on 22 March, 2002. The new law...

Germany to Liberalize Immigration

16:47 03/08/2001
Germany’s interior minister, Otto Schily, today announced an overhaul of the German immigration regulations. Designed to relax the rules for immigration for skilled staff, especially those in the IT...