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Gillard government

Australian 457 visa changes bringing in more restrictions

22:07 27/01/2017
The Australian government made up of the Liberal-National coalition has announced that it will cut the amount of time foreign workers on 457 visas can remain in the country once their employment term...

Australia to maintain immigration at 190,000 in 2013/14

10:24 17/05/2013
Australian immigration minister Brendan O'Connor has announced that Australia will keep its immigration target for 2013/14 at 190,000; the same number as for the previous year. Of these 128,500...

Murdoch enters Australian 457 temporary work visa debate

16:26 05/04/2013
Rupert Murdoch, the international media mogul, has criticised the Australian government's public pronouncements on skilled work based immigration saying that they have been 'disgraceful and racist'...

Stricter student immigration slows Australian population growth

11:32 29/03/2011
Australia's population growth has declined due to tougher student immigration rules, which has reduced net immigration by over a third. New rules introduced in recent years require students to have...

Australia to help student immigration sector

19:08 17/12/2010
The Australian government has announced a review of the student visa program along with a set of measures intended to help Australia's international education sector. One of Australia's most valuable...

Australia Immigration announces ACT State Migration Plan

13:53 10/11/2010
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Australian Capital Territory Chief Minister Jon Stanhope have announced the ACT State Migration Plan, part of an initiative to attract skilled...