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Habib Rahman

UK Poster Campaign to Celebrate work of Immigrants

17:07 16/02/2015
'Celebrate, don't vilify' immigrants says the Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX) a group started by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). MAX intends to launch a poster campaign that...

UK immigration wants "brightest and best" immigrants

15:37 06/02/2012
UK immigration Minister Damian Green announced this week that the UK would be bringing in a more selective immigration policy that encourages the "brightest and best" to come to the UK. Specifically...

UK proposes to cut visit visas from 6 to 3 months

17:28 19/12/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The United Kingdom's Immigration and Borders Agency has published a consultation paper that proposes to cut the validity period of British visit visas by 50%...

UK visas, work permits and application costs to rise for April, 2007

19:16 31/10/2006
• Watch This Video The Home Office for the United Kingdom announced on 30 October that it was reviewing the way migrants were charged for work permits, student visas and nationality applications. A...