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Harper government

Canadian citizenship rules make integration more difficult

17:41 25/02/2014
A new report from a Canadian think tank alleges that recent changes to the Canadian citizenship regime favour some immigrants over others and run contrary to the Canadian multicultural ethos. The...

Canadian pressure groups protest against award for immigration minister

13:37 22/11/2012
There was a demonstration in Toronto on Sunday 4th November against Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney. Mr Kenney was receiving an honorary philosophy degree from Israel's Haifa University on...

Canadian Liberal MPs make the case for immigration

14:05 19/09/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News In a recent article penned in the Canadian National Post, Liberal MPs Michael Ignatieff and Maurizio Bevilacqua said that a Liberal government would deal with...

New Canadian government to help new immigrants

18:12 27/02/2006
Canada's federal Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to work with Canadian provinces to help immigrants have their foreign credentials recognized in Canada. "That's one...