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Australia census statistics show rise in Asian immigration

15:54 23/10/2012
Census figures recently released by the Australian government show that over a quarter of Australians were born outside Australia. The Australian government has carried out a census every 10 years...

Asylum-seekers transferred or given Australian visas following closure of detention centre

11:16 08/03/2012
Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced the closure of the Pontville Immigration Detention Centre in Tasmania on March 6. Bowen said the last 12 detainees out of the original 113 people...

Putin meets with Russian community in Australia

18:56 11/09/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Russian president Vladimir Putin met with various representatives of the Australian Russian community in Sydney on 09 September 2007 during his visit to...

Immigration bolstering international housing prices

16:59 02/05/2007
Surges in immigration to destinations such as the UK, Australia , New Zealand and the U.S. are seen as having a significant impact on record housing prices. In the United Kingdom , recently released...