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Immigration New Zealand

Australian Immigration launches New Temporary Work Visas from November 2016

5:01 26/11/2016
Australian immigration has launched a series of new, temporary work visa subclasses. From 19 November, 2016 the following four new visa types have become available: Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short...

New Zealand immigration establishes Entrepreneur Work Visa

10:44 31/12/2013
The New Zealand immigration minister Michael Woodhouse has announced that his department is to scrap the Long-Term Business Visa and introduce a new visa, the Entrepreneur Work Visa, to replace it...

New Zealand immigration grants stay of execution for fat chef

14:32 13/09/2013
The New Zealand immigration minister has announced that Albert Buitenuis, a South African chef, will be allowed to stay in the country. This reversed an earlier decision that he should be deported...

New Zealand doctors worried about relaxed health screening visa requirements

19:18 10/04/2012
New Zealand medical experts warned that once authorities relax the health screening requirements for international students, it could lead to people infected with HIV and hepatitis being granted...

New Zealand immigrants can be denied visas for minor offences

19:43 29/03/2012
Under new rules, immigrants convicted in New Zealand of minor offences such as various traffic violations may not be granted further visas to remain in the country. From 26 March 2012, Immigration...

New Zealand needs chefs and other skilled workers - Interested applicants apply now!

15:57 24/01/2012
Christchurch in Canterbury, New Zealand is facing a severe shortage of chefs, prompting Hospitality New Zealand, which represents over 2,400 hospitality businesses in New Zealand to push the...