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Donald Trump The last man standing hates immigrants

14:11 08/06/2016
It was about a month ago on the night of Tuesday 3 May 2016, that anti-immigration candidate Donald Trump's main rival to run as the Republican Party's U.S. presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, pulled...

Tier 2 visa restrictions 'crippling' UK care sector study warns

10:56 19/11/2015
A report published by Independent Age and the International Longevity Centre UK (ILC-UK) says that a failure to attract British workers to the care sector and Tier 2 visa restrictions are...

Tens of thousands march in support of US immigration reform on May Day

9:33 07/05/2013
People across America took advantage of the May Day bank holiday to march in support of immigration reform. In cities across the US on May 1st 2013, there were demonstrations with thousands of people...

US state legislature passed fewer immigration laws this year

17:54 10/08/2012
A new study has found that US state legislatures passed fewer immigration laws this year; lawmakers' priorities focused on balancing budgets. In addition US courts debated how much authority state...

Dutch to fast-track skilled immigrants' families

16:07 25/06/2007
• Watch This Video The Dutch Immigration Service (IND) plans to decrease the processing time for families of highly skilled migrants into the Netherlands , slashing the waiting time from several...

UK Home Secretary outlines immigration plans

10:51 24/11/2006
• Watch This Video The Queen's Speech includes a new Border and Immigration Bill. What will it contain? When John Reid took over as the UK Home Secretary in May the first item in his in-tray was...