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Jean-Marie Le Pen

Claims Trump will cut the number of H-1B, B1 and L-1 visas issued

17:34 10/03/2016
The leading candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, Donald Trump, will stop jobs in Alabama being outsourced to foreign nationals by cutting the number of H-1B, B1 and L-1 visas that...

European Union changes in security, police and immigration cooperative efforts

14:18 16/01/2007
• Watch This Video Top law enforcement officials of the European Union announced this week efforts to give police across the EU access to national databases containing fingerprints, DNA samples,...

French Interior Minister pledges tough immigration line

19:41 12/12/2006
• Watch This Video French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy called for a special Ministry of Immigration to be set up as he pledged to pursue a tough line on illegal arrivals. Sarkozy, the likely...

France to grant residency to 6,000 illegal immigrants

10:17 24/07/2006
• Watch This Video France will grant residency permits to roughly 6,000 illegal immigrants but expel more than twice as many under controversial new immigration rules, its interior minister said in...

French government faces challenges with immigration laws

13:02 28/04/2006
France is suffering due to a domestic labour force that does not have the relevant skills necessary for the economy and levels of unemployment that have been a constant problem for the country for...