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John Cridland

Without UK Visas for Migrants Brits will have to work longer, warns report

17:43 28/02/2017
Research published by Oxford University reveals that current UK immigration levels are necessary if Brits don’t want to see the state pension age increased. The report from the Oxford Institute of...

UK academic attacks government's 'populist' immigration policy

16:30 21/11/2012
A leading academic has written a letter to the prestigious Financial Times newspaper complaining that the UK government's immigration policy is damaging the higher education sector. Professor James...

Business chief and mayor criticise UK immigration policy

16:57 19/11/2012
The Director General of the Confederation of British Industry, John Cridland has spoken out against the UK government's commitment to cut net inward immigration into the UK from outside the EU to '...

UK HSMP Suspended pending a new scheme in a month

14:00 07/11/2006
• Watch This Video The first step towards a points based system for managing migration was launched today with the introduction of new rules for highly skilled foreign workers applying to come to the...