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CBI: UK immigration restrictions make recruiting skilled staff harder

15:36 02/12/2015
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) at a CBI debate in Leeds, West Yorkshire has warned that UK immigration restrictions will make it increasingly difficult for Yorkshire employers to recruit...

London businesses seek visa reforms

13:27 25/09/2014
Almost 50% of London-based businesses are calling for the UK government to reform the Tier 2 visa system over concerns about a shortage of skilled workers. A recent business survey was carried out by...

Australian skills shortage due to retiring farmers

18:53 18/04/2012
A new report has warned that Australia will need to bring in more immigrant workers, as many the country's farmers are about to retire in the next decade. The report by the Australian branch of KPMG...

Australian Immigration Study: 80 percent of firms planning to hire overseas workers

12:39 12/10/2011
Four out of five companies in Western Australia (WA) plan to hire foreign workers to help fill skills gaps, according to new research by global consultancy services firm KPMG. The KPMG report found...

Australia: Survey finds employers dependent on skilled migration

19:04 01/11/2010
KPMG, a global business consultancy firm, says that the ongoing boom in Australia has resulted in low unemployment and a demand for overseas skilled workers to fill gaps in the labor market -- a...

UK General Election and Immigration Cuts

12:59 08/04/2010
On 6 April 2010 it was announced that the next UK General Election will take place on 6 May 2010. According to recent opinion polls it seems likely that after the General Election there will be a new...