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Lockwood Smith

New Zealand immigration declining, emigration increasing

17:02 20/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News New Zealand is continuing to experience a decline in immigration and more New Zealand citizens are leaving the country, mainly to Australia . According to...

New Zealand Immigration Profiling Group tightens border control

19:57 04/09/2006
• Watch This Video Statistics released during August indicate that potential visitors to New Zealand are being turned away in larger percentages as border controls tighten. During the past year, visa...

More New Zealanders, like Brits, choosing Australia

16:15 22/02/2006
It seems the lure of Australia's hot weather, golden beaches, higher standard of living and better opportunities is irresistible to New Zealanders, in addition to Brits. The growing gap in incomes...

New Zealand sees more highly skilled immigrants

14:19 03/02/2006
The number of skilled migrants who already have jobs or job offers when they are shortlisted for New Zealand residency has increased since tougher criteria were introduced. The qualifying bar for the...