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Manmohan Singh

UK immigration's visa reforms are harming UK's soft power

15:47 07/04/2014
A report by a UK parliamentary committee has warned that the UK's Coalition government is harming the UK's standing in the world because of the changes it has made to the visa system. A report from...

Oxford academic blames 'Kafkaesque' student visa system on UK PM

19:49 26/02/2014
A leading British historian has denounced the UK's student visa regime as 'stupid, incoherent, short-sighted, cack-handed, intrusive and counter-productive'. Professor Timothy Garton Ash, Professor...

UK PM: No limit on number of Indians studying in UK

9:45 19/11/2013
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has told journalists in India that there is 'no limit on the numbers' of Indian students who can study in the UK. He said 'We want [Indian] students to come and study...

Indian Premier tells UK to relax immigration controls

16:30 25/02/2013
The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has revealed that he urged his UK counterpart David Cameron to introduce 'a visa regime that facilitates greater movement of people between the two countries...

Tory MP says UK's 'mixed messages' on immigration will damage trade

19:33 22/02/2013
Gavin Barwell, the Conservative MP for Croydon, has warned that pronouncements by UK politicians and heavy-handed policing of immigration rules by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) are damaging the UK...

Thousands celebrate Australia Day in citizenship and affirmation ceremonies

12:00 06/02/2012
Australia Day celebrations kicked off early last week with thousands of immigrants taking part in Australian affirmation ceremonies and citizenship ceremonies across the country. Australia Day is...