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Immigrants in Europe lose out on money transfers

17:15 14/03/2006
Mediterranean and North African countries are losing out because of inefficiency in the way funds are sent home by immigrant workers in Europe, according to a report released March 13. A study by the...

EU plans joint security force against illegal immigration

16:30 14/11/2005
The European Commission plans to create a joint Mediterranean security force to clamp down on illegal immigration from North Africa. Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini was quoted in...

France to change its immigration system

12:37 12/07/2005
French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday announced the creation of an interministerial committee tasked with re-evaluating the country's immigration needs and its visa procedures. The...

EU countries agree on illegal immigration issues

11:10 06/07/2005
Ministers from five European Union countries agreed on 5 July to collaborate on repatriating illegal immigrants, according to French interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy. "All together, the European...