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Australian unions speak out about 457 visa 'abuse'

11:16 26/11/2013
An Australian trade union alleges that two multinational companies deliberately abused the 457 visa scheme to employ Hungarian construction workers in a Sydney suburb on pay which was about 40% of...

Australia: 457 visa holders to be charged for children's schooling

18:26 12/08/2013
The Western Australian territorial government has announced that it is to charge 457 visa holders a fee of AUS$4,000 per year for every child educated in government-funded schools. The government...

Australian immigration concerned about Indian visa fraud

17:25 25/07/2013
The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) issued a secret report in 2011 which highlighted the ease with which Indian applicants for Australian visas were able to commit...

Australian leisure and education say new onshore visa fees are 'a disaster'

9:02 27/06/2013
Australian industry bodies have criticised the Australian government for its decision to impose hefty new visa fees from 1st July 2013. They say that the new fees are unfair and may damage the...

Australia immigration changes will help older workers, graduates and fluent English speakers

16:10 16/11/2010
In July 2011, Australia will implement significant changes to its points based Australian immigration system. One important change is that people up to the age of 49 will now be able to apply for...

Australian employers annoyed with 457 visa delays

11:40 14/02/2007
• Watch This Video According to migration agents in Australia , a surge in 457 visa applications has caused a backlog and delays, and employers are frustrated. The newly renamed Department of...