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Morris Iemma

Australian Prime Minister defends citizenship test and "mateship"

15:09 12/12/2006
• Watch This Video Prime Minister John Howard is feeling pressured to explain the new Australian citizenship exams proposed by his government. Of current concern is how a potential citizen's "...

Australia photo ID card for benefits due by 2010

18:15 28/08/2006
• Watch This Video In a bid to replace up to 17 separate cards currently required for Medicare benefits, family tax, child-care and unemployment payments, pensions, Austudy and pharmaceutical and...

Will increased migration make Australia wealthier?

10:56 17/01/2006
Increasing skilled immigration will create a more powerful economy in Australia and make people richer on average, the Government's leading agency for economic analysis says. In a report entitled...

Australia's New South Wales looking for skilled workers

13:26 05/12/2005
Australia's New South Wales (NSW) Premier Morris Iemma today announced a major expansion of the Government's efforts to attract skilled business migrants to NSW. "With almost half of the nation's...

Australia's lack of skilled workers blamed on parents

9:26 30/11/2005
Parents are to blame for a shortage of skilled workers in Australia , the authors of a new study claim. Ambitious mums and dads are pushing children to enrol in high-status university degrees such as...