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Canadian immigration: guidance for Intra Company Transfers

11:33 08/07/2014
Citizenship and Immigration Canada have issued new guidance for staff processing applications for work permits for Intra Company Transferees with 'specialized knowledge'. The new guidelines introduce...

US immigration latest green card priority dates

16:20 30/06/2014
The United States Department of State (DOS) has released its July 2014 Visa Bulletin. The bulletin reveals that the DOS has made considerable progress in bringing cut-off dates forward but there are...

Canada needs 250,000 construction workers

19:02 08/05/2013
Canada's construction industry is suffering from a shortage of workers. A Canadian construction industry association, BuildForce Canada, has estimated that there may be a shortfall of 250,000 workers...

Report – changes to the US immigration H-1B temporary work visa

11:31 25/04/2013
A group of US senators has released the draft Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013 (The Act). The Act was drafted by the Gang of Eight; a group of eight...

UK immigration minister announces changes to Tier 2 visa system

15:14 19/03/2013
Let us help you with your Tier 2 application now before the changes come into force on 6th April; Phone us now on +44 (0)344 991 9222 to speak to an advisor Mark Harper, the UK immigration minister...

Development consultant calls for more immigration to boost Canada's regions

16:58 07/11/2012
Last week, the Canadian minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney said that Canada's immigration level will remain unchanged in 2012-13. The country will accept about...