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Report claims that UK Immigration detaining children in "degrading" conditions

12:14 15/05/2012
The UK Border Agency has been accused of detaining immigrant children in "degrading and disgraceful" conditions at Heathrow airport, according to an official watchdog, the Heathrow independent...

Alberta welcomes migrant workers

17:36 29/12/2011
Alberta is Canada 's fastest growing province thanks to its enormous oil reserves. The population has increased to 3.7 million; a 37 percent increase compared to ten years ago. As a result, large...

UK business leaders seek 'unlimited immigration' from new EU states

16:10 30/08/2006
• Watch This Video The leaders of Britain 's biggest businesses employing millions of people have called on the Government to allow unlimited immigration from Bulgaria and Romania when the two former...

Immigrants asked to speak Dutch in Netherlands

14:03 09/02/2006
The Netherlands, home to multinational companies such as Unilever and Royal Dutch Shell Plc, may ask residents not to use foreign languages in public. Rotterdam, the country's second-biggest city,...