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Quebec seeks qualified nurses

19:08 05/09/2012
There is a national shortage of nurses throughout Canada, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the country's immigration ministry. The shortage is especially severe in the Province of...

Working Abroad Expo in Ireland attracts many would-be immigrants

14:27 09/03/2012
More than 20,000 job-seekers visited the Working Abroad Expo in Dublin on 5 March. Future immigrants came to find what work opportunities were available abroad in countries like Canada , Australia ,...

Canadian government to offer loans to immigrant professionals

19:38 24/02/2012
Canada's government has announced a new pilot program to support new immigrants working in its provinces. The three-year pilot project, known as the Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Pilot, will...

Canada: Ontario wants more immigration to help food industry

10:41 03/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The Ontario food industry has been lobbying the provincial government to allow them to bring more foreign workers to Canada on work permits. "We need to stop...

Canada's Provincial Nominee immigration program

15:49 27/03/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world and has one of the largest foreign born populations of OECD countries. Most immigrants...

Ontario, Canada wants to attract foreign students

15:54 18/02/2008
• Media Center » Watch This Video Ontario, Canada has expanded a program to grant permanent residence to foreign graduates of Canadian universities and colleges. Previously, under it's Pilot...