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Alberta, Canada experiencing economic boom, needs unskilled workers

12:05 24/07/2006
• Watch This Video The Canadian province of Alberta is experiencing some of the strongest economic growth in all of Canada . Canada in general is one of the prime western nations for immigrants...

Poll finds Canadians' views on multiculturalism

9:36 13/10/2005
Sixty-eight percent of Canadians believe that multiculturalism helps to moderate extremist influences. However, 58% expressed concern that the loyalty of immigrants may suffer if they maintain too...

Saskatchewan, Canada wants more skilled immigrants

12:57 02/06/2005
A new Immigration Agreement has been signed between Canada and Saskatchewan, central Canadian province. The Agreement defines the respective roles and responsibilities of Canada and the Province of...

Canada - Language training program launched for immigrants

11:24 30/11/2004
Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (CIC), JudySgro, and Saskatchewan's Minister Responsible for Immigration, PatAtkinson, announced Nov. 29 that language training for adults migratingto...