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Scott Morrison


Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi & US President, Joe Biden.

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H1B visa issues raised by Modi in first Biden meeting

9:55 29/09/2021
Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, raised issues around the US H1B visa during his first-ever meeting with US President, Joe Biden. Access to the US H1B visa for Indian nationals has been made...

Australian Working Holiday Visa Tax to Go Ahead

11:46 01/03/2016
The Australian government has resisted calls to scrap the so-called 'backpacker tax', which is set to come into force in July 2016. Despite strong opposition from Australian farmers and tourism...

Australian Immigration Department Sends Baby to Nauru Detention Centre

19:32 18/06/2015
The Australian Immigration Department has sent a five-month-old baby to an immigration detention centre on Nauru Island, despite being advised against doing so. The infant, known as Asha, was sent to...


18:45 27/10/2014
A new bill has been introduced by Australian Immigration minister Scott Morrison which aims to strengthen the character test system, which has not changed since 1999. The changes, if approved, would...

Finding jobs in Australia could become easier with proposed visa changes

17:07 14/10/2014
Proposed changes to the Subclass 457 Visa in Australia could mean that finding a job there will become easier. A government-commissioned report has criticised the Temporary Skilled Worker visa...

New 'Safe Haven' visa announced in Australia

13:29 06/10/2014
A new deal has been agreed in Australia between the Palmer United Party and Federal government to allow refugee families to live on mainland Australia. A new visa has been created called the Safe...