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Why the immigration bill did not pass the US Senate

18:55 11/04/2006
Less than 24 hours after the leaders of the Senate's Democratic and Republican parties announced a marriage of convenience on immigration reform, Minority Leader Harry Reid went against his party...

Half a million protesters in US rally for illegal immigrant rights

13:40 10/04/2006
Up to half a million Hispanics and their supporters poured onto the streets of Dallas April 9, to rally for the rights of immigrants as Democrats and Republicans remain at "logger-heads" over the...

US senate approves shortening citizenship wait

12:09 04/04/2006
Legal immigrants fluent in English could become US citizens in 4 years rather than the current 5 years. This proposal by Senator Lamar Alexander was agreed to by the US Senate April 3. The Senate...

US H-1B visa race set for April 1

19:28 23/03/2006
US Citizenship and Immigration services will begin accepting petitions for H-1B visas for workers for the US fiscal year beginning 2007 on the first of April. The visas are sure to be snapped up...

Bill Gates lobbies again for more US H1B visas

13:46 20/03/2006
Lobbying for an increase in the number of H-1B visas , Microsoft chief Bill Gates has called high-skilled immigration the "number one thing" that the software giant needs. He called it "ironic" that...

US needs more time for immigration reform

11:28 16/03/2006
US senators crafting a comprehensive immigration reform bill complained on March 15 that a deadline set by Majority Leader Bill Frist could hurt the chances for a guest worker program. Republicans...