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Sanwar Ali,

Sanwar Ali: UK Visa System Update August 2022

18:33 16/08/2022
By Sanwar Ali : The UK visa system can be very expensive and bureaucratic. However, there is no quota and entry is possible for many skilled workers to the UK. UK visa system fees enormous To bring...

Sanwar Ali: UK work visa options review

12:08 03/11/2021
By Sanwar Ali : Entry to the UK can be difficult. Probably you will need to be a skilled worker sponsored by an employer with a sponsor licence . This can be an expensive and complicated process. We...

UK immigration rules reversed for foreign suppliers

18:01 14/04/2021
Sanwar Ali : additional reporting and comments The Home Office recently reversed certain UK immigration rule changes to make it easier for international companies to fulfil their contractual...

New Brexit deal and UK visa skilled workers points based system

10:06 28/12/2020
A New Brexit trade deal has been agreed between the UK and the EU. It is claimed that the new UK visa points based system , introduced on 1st of December 2020, will help deal with UK skills shortages...

Hong Kong activist applies for UK asylum ahead of BNO visa launch

10:09 22/12/2020
In an opinion piece for The Guardian, prominent Hong Kong activist Nathan Law revealed that he has applied for UK asylum. Earlier this month, w reported that Mr Law, along with fellow...

New UK Frontier Work Permit scheme now open

11:50 21/12/2020
Ahead of the launch of the UK’s new points-based immigration system on 1 January 2021 (in reality launched on 1 December 2020), the Home Office announced the opening of the new Frontier Worker Permit...