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South Australia

Australian government criticised for misleading immigration figures

13:29 10/04/2013
The Australian immigration minister has released figures which show that there were 12% more Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457) visas granted in February 2013 than in the same month in 2012. Mr...

Australia consults on abolishing upper age limit for skilled migrants

13:47 17/11/2012
The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) is currently holding a consultation on whether to recommend raising the maximum age limit for skilled migrants who can apply for visas. The current age...

Australian unions oppose mass visa application

9:25 23/08/2012
An application to grant temporary work visas to 2,062 foreign skilled workers has been submitted to the Australian government. The workers would work in Australian resources projects The application...

Australian immigration holds informational sessions on skilled migration

15:24 14/02/2012
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) is sending immigration officers to visit the New South Wales and South Australia regions during the week beginning 20 February 2012 to...

South Australia 'popular choice' for migrants

19:43 24/01/2011
According to new statistics, immigration to South Australia grew significantly last year, increasing from 9,695 people in 2008-09 to 11,377 in 2009-10. Due to the economic situation many Countries...

South Australia attracts skilled migrants

17:17 06/01/2011
The Australian government has signed a state migration agreement with South Australia that will help meet the Australian state's need for skilled migrants. "State migration plans are part of the...