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South Korean government

US work visa applications by South Koreans increase 80 per cent

18:32 03/12/2015
The number of South Korean citizens applying for a US work visa has risen sharply according to reports from the country's Ministry of Employment and Labor. Over the last three years - 2012-2015 - the...

South Korea urges US to increase H-1B visa quota

12:17 06/08/2012
South Korea is urging the US to increase the quota of the popular US H-1B visas for its citizens. "Riding on the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the South Korean government will step up...

South Korea urged to sign International Migration Convention

17:57 29/12/2011
Requests have been made to the South Korean government to sign the international migration convention that would provide greater protection for migrants. An event was held in Seoul by the...

South Korea on the lookout for skilled workers

14:54 30/04/2007
• Watch This Video South Korea joins the ranks of other countries with rapidly ageing populations and low birthrates who need skilled workers from abroad. The South Korean government announced that...